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Australian outback tours and safari adventure travel packages. We have combined quaility tours for the adventurous traveler suited for backpackers young and old. From Ayers Rock and the Olgas, Kakadu 4WD safaris, Litchfield National Park, Larapinta Trail, Kimberleys - Darwin to Broome Overland Trek, McDonald Ranges from Alice Springs, Coober Pedy - Adelaide to Alice Trek, also the Pinnacles and Wave Rock in Western Australia.


The Outback of Northern Territory and Western Australia or the Peninsula of Cape York. You will discover a dream time landscape, ancient cultures, flora and fauna uniquely Australian. Lose yourself downunder and feel the spirit of outback Australia with outbackdownunder.com Enjoy :)

There's nothing like Australia...  


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Aboriginal culture: a rich and timeless tradition
The Dreamtime is the sacred ‘time before time’ of the world’s creation. According to Aboriginal belief, totemic spirit ancestors emerged from the earth and descended from the sky to awaken a dark and silent world. They created the sun, moon and stars, forged mountains, rivers, trees and waterholes and changed Aboriginal_boomaranginto human and animal forms. Spirit ancestors connect this ancient past with the present and future through every aspect of Aboriginal culture. Rock art, craft and bark painting reveal Dreamtime stories, mark territory and record history, while songs tell of Dreamtime journeys, verbally mapping water sources and other essential landmarks. Their special lyrics have been passed down virtually unchanged for at least 50,000 years, and are often accompanied by clapsticks or the deep throb of the didgeridoo. Similarly, traditional dances reveal creation myths, enact the deeds of Dreamtime heroes and even recent historical events.


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